The Working Title For “Mean Girls” Was “Homeschooled”


Mean-GirlsMuch like “A Cinderella Story”, “Mean Girls” was meant to be the 2004 hit that made a big name out of its star; it was the first major role for Lohan as an adult, and it ended up being a huge success. However, Lohan’s career has since derailed, and the two stars that grew from “Mean Girls” weren’t expected to be: Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried.

The title of Tina Fey’s screenplay seemed to fit the story pretty well, and it’s much better than the film’s working title of “Homeschooled”; that title wouldn’t have made much sense when you consider that Lohan’s character is no longer homeschooled after the first few moments of the movie. Mean Girls was based off of the book
Queen Bees and Wannabes”: so “Mean Girls” fits just fine.