Top 50 Most Paused Movie Scenes of All Time


It’s so incredibly easy to pause any movie these days. You just hit a quick button on your remote or video game console controller and it pauses in an instant. If you missed it and have to go back, it’s incredibly easy to find what you were looking for. That wasn’t always the case, as VHS tapes were hard to use for pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding. Still, that didn’t stop us from pausing on certain screens that nearly everyone else did. Between racy scenes, hidden Easter eggs and much, much more; here are 50 of the most paused movie scenes of all-time. (Note: If it’s TOO racy or scary, we’ll show you a different picture from the film)

Teen Wolf

Teen-Wolf At the conclusion of Michael J. Fox’s “Teen Wolf”, we’re exposed to one member of the crowd…but just how exposed is he? It turns out that this moment was the most talked about more than 30 years after “Teen Wolf” was released. The jury is still out on what exactly we’re seeing, but it’s been determined that it’s not the male anatomy exposed.