Top 50 Scary Movies


The horror genre in films seems like something that we shouldn’t like. Invoking a feeling of fear onto yourself for entertainment shouldn’t sound fun, but it really is. Humans have been scaring themselves for longer than movies have been around, dating back to the novels of Edgar Allan Poe and even before then. The horror movie genre has really evolved over the years, as well, and now we have some true masterpieces. Which ones elicit fear more than any others? Here are the top 50 scary movies in no particular order.

The Ring

scary1 After the success of the 1998 Japanese film “Ring”, Naomi Watts was tabbed to star in this Gore Verbinski American adaptation. The results were positive, as the creepy visuals really made the viewer uncomfortable without having to rely too much on blood and guts. The Hans Zimmer soundtrack also added an extra layer of creepiness, and the film’s success launched a new wave of horror in the United States (as well as two sequels).