Top 50 Worst Movies Ever Made


Have you ever seen a movie that’s so bad it’s good, or one that you just flat-out couldn’t watch because it was terrible? We’ve seen movies like that, and for every “Citizen Kane” or “The Godfather”, there are some real stinkers out there. Today, we celebrate some of the biggest flops, blunders and general garbage to ever come out of Hollywood. Here is the ultimate list of the 50 worst movies ever made, in no particular order.


Badmovies1 People were interested to see “Gigli” because it featured Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who had been a new celebrity couple at the time. Instead, the movie was a huge bomb at the box office with a budget of over $75 million and only pulling in around $7 million. Director Martin Brest hasn’t tried to direct another film since then, and it’s probably for the best.